Instant loans.
Don't sell your assets.

One loan backed by your favorite assets including cryptocurrencies, public stock and pre-IPO companies.

Start customizing your loan

Get a single loan against a wide selection of your assets

10-15% APR*
Terms from 1 to 12 months
LTV up to 50%
Instant liquidity
Cross-collateralize your loan
Proof of Reserves (coming soon)
*Subject to change based on the Effective Federal Funds Rate

Regulatory-first lending approach

We hold all customer assets 1:1 and do not lend them out further. You can rest assured that your assets will not be touched and will be returned to you at the end of your loan.

Arch Lending operates a fully-compliant, regulated practice in 31 US states and is a US-based company with a fully US-based team, operating from New York City.

Borrow against
your equity stake

Don't let private equity stakes tie up your liquidity. Unlock the value of your pre-IPO investments without having to sell.

Own vested shares in high growth private company with a market capitalization over $1B? Book a call with us to discuss how we can structure a loan for you.

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