Our regulatory-first
approach to lending

Asset Custody with BitGo

Your assets are held securely with our qualified custodian BitGo, the leading US based Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated custodian, in a South Dakota trust, BitGo Trust Company, Inc.

Not all custody is created equal. Unlike companies that self custody assets, which are not regulated by the SEC, we use BitGo to custody assets for us, as a qualified custodian. Thus, BitGo holds all three keys to the wallets, we do not have access to the keys.

Assets are stored in cold storage in Class III bank vaults with industry leading insurance and security practices, isolated from the internet.

Learn more about how BitGo keeps your assets safe here.

Customer Assets Held 1:1

Arch holds all customer assets 1:1 and does not lend them out further. You can rest assured that your assets will not be touched and will be returned to you at the end of your loan.


Arch Lending operates a fully-compliant, regulated practice in 31 US states and is a US-based company with a fully US-based team, operating from New York City.

Reach out at team@archlending.com to drop by our office in Soho, New York City for a chat any time.

Proof of Reserves

Coming Soon

We believe in radical transparency. We are in the process of launching continuous Proof-of-Reserves, so you can continuously verify your assets in custody, adding an additional layer of trust and safety.